The Retire Funds

The Retire Funds are collective investment funds ("CIFs") that are maintained by TD Ameritrade Trust Company. TD Ameritrade Trust, as Trustee of the CIFs, utilizes a model developed by Rogerscasey for investing CIF assets. Rogerscasey has been retained by TD Ameritrade Trust to provide subadvisory services. Information about Rogerscasey may be accessed at

Information on this Web Site

Information regarding the following CIFs is contained on this Web site.

The Retire Funds

The Retire Funds CIFs are appropriate for participants who are planning to begin withdrawing portions of their investment on or around the target year of the respective CIF.

  • Retire Income Fund
  • Retire 2015 Fund
  • Retire 2025 Fund
  • Retire 2035 Fund
  • Retire 2045 Fund
  • Retire 2055 Fund

Additional information about TD Ameritrade Trust, the Trustee of the CIFs, as well as Rogerscasey, the subadvisor to the Trustee, is also available on this Web site. Employers can obtain information on how to add a CIF to their qualified retirement plan investment menu by reviewing the remaining pages.

For information regarding the risk of investing in CIFs, please see the Fund Summary Document listed under the CIF Information tab.

For more information on the RETIRE FUNDS, please contact Scott Redman at 303-294-5354.

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